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Last night, after work, my coworker and I made a perfectly light, late-night dinner of pita pizzas.  This meal was delicious and so simple!  Since starting my job, I prefer eating a larger lunch and a smaller dinner because I eat so late in the evening.  The Spanish do it right, in my opinion.  Eat a simple breakfast, a substantial lunch, and a modest dinner.

Excuse the poor quality. Blackberrys don’t have the best photo-quality.

Whenever my coworker and I cook dinner together, we always watch an episode of Sex and the City.  The comedic raunchiness, colorful characters, and feminist undertones make Sex and the City one of my favorite shows to watch while I unwind from a day at work.  I don’t know how Carrie Bradshaw functions mentally, physically, and financially.  She sleeps around, eats around, and shops around like nobody’s business.  If my life contained as much instability, partying, and spending as Carrie’s, I would be a deranged, three hundred pound, homeless woman.  Carrie has no routine, save for the weekly column she manages to write and publish.  I, on the other hand, thrive on having a plan.  I follow marathon-training plans; I make meal plans and financial plans.  My daily planner is my life force.  While I realize that Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character, made up to entertain and not advise, perhaps I need to embrace my inner Carrie.  A little existentialism, rambunctiousness, and a few good pairs of shoes could do me some good.